PERSONNEL INVESTMENT is a chance which should be used If you wish to play crucial role in local, regional, national and Worldwide markets Investment in human resource capital.

Our Institute offers E-Learning immersive mode, which allows for a flexible learning experience, as well as several learning and teaching technologies, which are employed, thus enabling the opportunity to educate you or your staff at their own pace.






How do educational contents of these studies compare to educational contents of traditional studies?

Both forms of studies, traditional and “distant” meet the requirements specified under the standards of the Ministry of Education. Distance learning studies last 3 semesters or short term courses.

Are distance learning studies easier than traditional ones?

It’s difficult to answer this question explicitly. Undoubtedly, an advantage of external studies is that we can “study” when we want to, when we have time. It may be any time. We sit in front of our computer, download courses via Internet, read the theory, solve tasks. Moreover, in any doubts arise, we may contact our academic teacher by e-mail. On the other hand, this approach requires regular studying. We need to remember to find enough time for learning during the week.

Can I take up the studies if I don’t have Internet access?

This might be a problem. The Academy will prepare computer desks for such students, but necessarily they’ll be located in head office and in the company branches. Using computers with software which we can’t fully control (e.g. at Internet cafes) might be impossible since the right software cannot be installed on them.

What do you mean by “a course”? On what grounds will credits be given?

The word “course” is, in fact, synonymous to the notion of a subject in traditional type of studies. In the jargon of distance learning studies we use this term for set of educational resources such as electronic version lectures, self-study tasks, multimedia presentations and self-work instructions based on which credits are given. Moreover, there are dynamic elements variable depending on a course taken such as information gathered on a discussion forum related to a specific course, correspondence and announcements made by a person conducting the course and, finally, elaboration of solutions prepared by students. The whole students’ work records are saved on the platform, which provides tutors with grounds for fair assessment. In case of good and creative cooperation, a student’s meeting face to face with his/her tutor may be limited only to an informal conversation on the course subject, which is necessary for the tutor to make sure that while participating in the course the student worked on his/her own.