HR Outsourcing Services

Golden Swan Consultants will engage the services of our team to help you with total HR support and sourcing, hiring of skilled professionals, job application, job descriptions, interviews, as well as customer relations and cultural practices.

As service provider we approach the service delivery in a rational and systematic way, so that you rest assure that the best decisions have been made. Our experience has been built over the years and we can now easily avoid pitfalls or any threats to ones reputation, assuring that we have managed to match the best talent with the ideal job opportunity.

If you want HELP finding the best person for the job, talk to us!

Our HR Outsourcing services in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia allow your business to subcontract a variety of tasks such as: Professional Management Payroll Processing and Administration, hiring staff with low risk level; Warranty of qualified Employees, Benefits, Factoring, Training Programs and many more functions according to specific needs.


HR pure and simple is the implementation of a strategy to drive innovation, productivity and share price through mobilizing the workforce towards excellence. We can to becoming successful recruitment in your company as:

  • Executive search in a specific sec tor of your business,

  • Intermediary between employee and your company,

  • Shortest possible time recruitment result,

  • Multitude of opportunitios to recruit the best talent in order,

  • Testing and work trainings in many fields,

  • Trusted relationship with high opportunities considering longer term career,

  • Although who believe that this is a good concept for your company.

Our contact information is noted below. Please keep me posted of any further details and I look forward to you submitting draft of terms and conditions of further cooperation in HR.


Employee Benefit Services

  1. Our offers include packages of life insurance, work accidents, as well as short and long-term disabilities insurance.
  2. We offer also Health Care programs with Fitness Clubs.


Payroll and HR Administration

1. We can help you reduce costs on payroll, accounting & employee’s benefits.

2. Payroll Tax Filing with the Europe & Middle East, Asia Revenue Authority & LST.