We Offer Selected Prime Services

Our wide variety of services are fine-tuned to all your business needs.

We provide full assistance and legal advice on the company structuring, foundation, registering business name, business planning, choosing accounting system, business location and setting up.

We offer advices on virtual offices, as well as sharing co-working spaces, marketing strategies, social media communications and products regulations.

Our import and export sector is effective across boundaries, innovating with technology and gateways of payments, cost savings money transferring, crypto currencies transactions e-wallets and investments.

We are present on many countries: POLAND, PORTUGAL, GREECE, TURKEY, BRAZIL, UAE, BAHRAIN, OMAN and IRAQ among others.


Services We Provide:

  1. Business Planning, Marketing Research and Project Management.

  2. Services related to selling of a business (legal compliance, latest business analysis, business valuations and modelling).

  3. Information Systems Consulting.

  4. Management / Operations Auditing.

  5. Business liaison tailor made to client’s needs.

  6. Company structuring and foundation, including business visas, company registration, resident card, company address, company banking and financial administration.

  7. Turnkey solution system built end-to-end for a customer that can be easily implemented into any current business process.

  8. Offshore contracting EPC: Overseeing and managing turnkey solutions for overseas contracting projects out of Bahrain. Marketing, sales, business and financial planning, bidding for projects and supervision, procurement of all materials and equipment from Bahrain and international markets for overseas construction projects;

    Receiving payments for overseas projects, issuing payments for overseas projects, and all other activities and functions related to sourcing, managing and delivering overseas construction projects.

    Examples of overseas projects include:

    • Construction of power generation, transmission and distribution projects;

    • Construction of water desalination projects;

    • Construction of telecom infrastructure projects;

    • Construction of sewer systems, sewage disposal plants, pumping stations and power plants;

    • Construction of residential, commercial, tourism, industrial and all other types of buildings and projects;

    • Assembly of prefabricated constructions on the site overseas;

    • Remodeling or renovating existing structures of all types;

  9. All other generic and specialized types of overseas construction projects.

  10. Provision of other services in general such as:

    1. Medical and Paramedical Consultancy.
    2. Marketing Strategy Planning – Business Development.
    3. Promotional Campaigns / Conferences and Seminars.
    4. Citizenship by Investment.
    5. New Product Development.
    6. Branding, Import and Export – International market strategies.