About US 

GOLDEN SWAN Business Development, Management & Training Institute is a Professional Consultants Body Corporate offering practical and fully tested solutions to your complete business operations. We offer financial management and advices on transactions regulations and practices, government liaisons, commercial dealings, legal documents, foreign relations, import & export, tax and auditing, employment law advice, Offshore Company Formation all over the world, as well as logistics and cutting edge technology applications to public, private and non-profit organizations. The highest level of services is also offered from our many offices across the world. We have Branches in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Brazil.


We work to optimize human potential, improving wellbeing and maximizing the engagement of people by providing superior advice for understanding, acquiring, developing, and retaining talent.


"To inspire leadership, Innovation and Enterprise Business Growth and Profitability."


Integrity: We stand by all the right things even amidst the strongest winds.

Accountability: We accept full accountability for our individual and collective actions.

Team Work: We strive for excellence as a team when we cherish individual efforts.


Swans are creatures of infinite grace, one that is almost heavenly in its appearance. However, beneath this layer of grace is a core of masterful ability. The swan is one of the largest flying birds in existence. Its beauty is not mere decoration; it is a demonstration of  wholeness and a combination of form and function. Our Golden Swan® is the purest representation of mastering achievement and striving for excellence of the level of services we deliver to our clients.

Jim Collins. American business consultant, author, and lecturer on the subject of company sustainability and growth.